Night Rises Again

100 years ago on the night of the birth of the Night Court Heir, the Fae Realm fell into chaos. Ma'ab, Queen of the Winter Court, lead by her son, the Crown Prince of Winter, Valik Borealis, they swept through the court and decimated every man, woman, and child within its walls. They thought they had gotten everyone; they were wrong. Now, there are whispers of the Night Prince's return and with it the spark of rebellion has been ignited. Will you fight alongside Night to restore peace? Or will you fight alongside the Winter Queen for a taste of power? Your choice will decide your Fate.

Current Events!

Welcome to our soft opening of Nox! We're so happy to have you here! This is about a year in the making, so we really hope you like it here! As with any soft opening, feel free to look around and suggest anything to us! We're more than open for ideas to improve. Please enjoy your stay with us here at Nox. Promise, you won't regret it!



Fae: 18
Witches: 2
Demons: 2
Hybrids: 9
Male: 19
Female: 12


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In the Beginning


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Everything you know about the site is located in here.
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If there's something the staff need you to know, you'll find it here!
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Trash Can

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All finished or dead threads and bios will end up here.
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File Folders
Start here to create your character! Please keep aware of the different boards and threads.
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If your character was accepted, it will appear here under the appropriate board!
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Need help creating a character? Why not adopt one? Wanted Ads, Plotting and Canon characters are all located here!
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The Fae Realm
Rich with sealife, Summer has been known for their delicious seafood and their rolling hills filled with farms. The Palace itself is built right beside the sea, the crashing of the waves a constant and soothing rhythm.
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The Tree of Knowledge has been protected by Spring for millennia so it's no surprise to find that the Tree has also become the Palace. Aside from the Tree, Spring is known for their beautiful flower gardens and cherry blossoms.
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As fiery as the magic they wield, the land is covered in reds, oranges, and yellows. Once known as the Realm's best masons, the royal family now hides behind a wall leaving the land in disarray. It's wild and now unkempt forests are filled with vines and thorns.
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Others have wondered if the frozen and unyielding landscape is to blame for the Royal family's black and withered hearts. The palace itself is built out of ice and stone while the frozen tundra of Winter is home to very few.
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One of the richest Courts in the realm, Day is more than proud to show it off. In an open expanse of grassy fields, the huge white marble palace of Day shows off it's richest with colorful banners and a city as pristine as the day it was first built.
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Night Court

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There's nothing left of the once beautiful glass palace but the mountains seem to still echo with their reminders. Heavy coniferous forests cover most of the steep mountains but it's the views from the peeks that are the most breathtaking.
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Partially submerged in a giant lake due to its merfolk royal family, Dawn lives a very aquatic life. Often sought after for their warrior training, Dawn has been best known for training some of the best warriors and guards in the realm. And for once housing an Oracle.
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Dusk Court

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Deep in the heart of a forest, Dusk is known for their Healing and monk-like devotion to the endless study of the Healing arts. It's one of the smaller palaces in the realm but it's foundation goes far into the ground to allow access to a Healing spring.
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Demon Realm


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Said to be a mirror image of the fae realm, the demon realm is only accessible through a tear in the rift between them. However, the demon realm is a wasteland and it's only denizens survive solely on killing each other.
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The Obsidian Castle

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Like a shard of Obsidian, the Demon Queen's palace is a sharp outline on the horizon. Thought to be the remains of the original Demon King, the enormous chunk of obsidian has been carved into the Palace and houses only the most elite of Demons.
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The Goblin Kingdom

King's Court

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You can hardly remember that you're underground when facing the King's Palace. Made from the limestone mined out and lit by thousands of tiny fairy lights, it shines like a hopeful beacon in the otherwise dark underground. Creeping vines and flowers covered its stone walls and massive gardens surround it.
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Saffron District

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This is your merchant's district and everything you could possible need, you can find it here. Vendors line the streets under colorful tents and the streets are filled with wonderful smells and the bell-like sound of laughter. It's the central hub in the Kingdom.
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Jade District

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Everything built in the kingdom came from the stones and minerals mined out of its walls. Jade District houses these mines and some of the wealthiest Gem retailers in the entire fae realm. You can also find blacksmiths and masons here.
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Dulso District

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Even being underground, the Goblin Kingdom is rich enough in magic that it allows for the growth of agriculture. With fields and farms dotting the landscape like a quilt, the Dulso District supplies food and other supplies to the entire Goblin Kingdom.
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Endo District

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This is the main residential district of the Kingdom. Small cottages clutter the land on rolling hills and winding cobblestone streets. At all times, the streets and doorways of cottages are gently lit by fairy lights. As long as there is a King, the lights will remain lit.
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Social Corner


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Come one, come all! We're all friends here! GUEST FRIENDLY!
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Any burning questions you want to ask or maybe some suggestions to help your rping? Let us know here! GUEST FRIENDLY!
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Leave of Absence

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Going to be away for awhile? Coming back after a long hiatus? Let us all know here!
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